M-use Payment Service API

M-USE is an online payment service that focuses on serving local and global customers.

We provide global and regional online merchants with a suite of payment solutions designed to cater to the local culture and to anyone buying online.

M-USE is built on and around high-level, up-to-date scam prevention and AML systems, containing the risks with online payments for both buyers and sellers.

M-use online payment services can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

M-use Supported Platforms

M-use Out-of-the-Box Features

Multiple API Types
Supporting Proxy, Jar and SOAP type of APIs

IAM Based Access Control
Access control based on IAMs on which Authentication policies can be applied

Multiple Authentication Policies
Support for Key based and OAuth type of authentication

Quotas and Rate Limiting
Permits setting burst limit and request throttling at each API level

Whitelist / Blacklist IPs
Option to block or allow access to any single or a range of IPs

Request Time Limit
Ability to put a request time limit to prevent heavy backend traffic

OAuth Support
Built-in OAuth support to generate and validate tokens

Avoids unnecessary calls to backend by caching API output

API Analytics
Provides detailed analytics of your API usage & helps you to understand the most used APIs

Pre / Post Processing
Allows some pre / post processing to / from API calls

Real Time Test Console
Gives the option to test your APIs from the management console

SDK Generation
Generates the SDK of your choice to integrate in your app

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