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M-use is the largest gift card exchange in the world.
Turn unused gift cards into cash or buy discount gift cards
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Sell Gift Cards

Have gift cards you don’t want or that you will never use? Don’t leave that money in a drawer collecting dust. M-use will pay you up to 92% of the card value and has a variety of payment options. Get an offer now.

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It’s a #NoBrainer! Why pay full price when you can pay up to 35% less? Shop the largest inventory of discounted gift cards with confidence knowing you are protected by our state of the art card verification and our 10 day card balance guarantee.






All of our cards are carefully verified and our sellers undergo a
thorough background check. Add that to the M-use 10 day card
balance guarantee and you’ll understand why M-use is the most
secure gift card exchange on the planet.


Supported Gift Cards

Who we are

M-Use.me provides an answer to two main questions: What can you do with all of these gift cards? How can I replace my card with another card?

M-use pays to its clients for unwanted gift cards and then sells those cards at a discount.

As for merchants, our API integration provides merchants with the privilege of allowing their users to pay via our online service.